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The High & Low of Dough w/ Kyle of Dough Daddy

From covert square baking out of his home kitchen to delivering to his favorite childhoot celebrity to the evolution of Detroit style pizza in Los Angeles, Kyle shares insights on business challenges, mental health, and the unique approach to pizza-making. Discover the highs and lows, the learning curve, and the importance of community support in this engaging episode.

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Dough Daddy’s Pandemic Beginnings

This episode reveals Dough Daddy’s origins during the pandemic when Kyle started cooking out of his apartment, delivering pizzas incognito in inconspicuous parking lots. The conversation highlights the stress, hours, and challenges that came with establishing the business.

Business Model & Evolution

The host expresses admiration for Dough Daddy’s business model and traces Kyle’s journey from apartment cooking to the current setup in his kitchen. The story showcases resilience and adaptability, emphasizing the evolving nature of Dough Daddy’s operations.

Detroit Style Pizza & Learning Journey

Kyle shares insights into his attraction to pizza, attributing it to childhood memories influenced by movies like “Home Alone.” The podcast touches on Dough Daddy’s introduction to Detroit style pizza, revealing that the internet played a pivotal role in teaching Kyle the craft.

Challenges & Successes in Pizza Making

The conversation touches on challenges faced in sourcing specific ingredients, such as Wisconsin brick cheese. Kyle discusses the learning curve in pizza-making and emphasizes the importance of community support. Additionally, the podcast sheds light on Dough Daddy’s decision not to expand into brick-and-mortar establishments, opting for a more personalized approach.

Mental Health & Work-Life Balance

The episode takes a reflective turn, discussing the mental toll of entrepreneurship. Kyle opens up about the overwhelming demands during the pandemic, navigating therapy, and learning the importance of maintaining work-life balance. The conversation closes with a note on the supportive community and the inspiration drawn from the pizza-making journey.

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