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Put The World on a Pizza w/ Chef Ali Haider of 786 Degrees

In this insightful interview, Chef Ali Haider discusses his unique approach to pizza-making, blending flavors all over the world, from India, Mexico, and South Korea. Discover the secrets behind his best-selling pizzas, influenced by seasonal variations. Ali's culinary journey, from working in an Italian pizzeria to building his own oven, is a testament to his passion and dedication. Learn about the fusion of diverse flavors, his philosophy on competition, and practical advice for aspiring chefs.

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In this episode of “Pie to Pie,” the host interviews Ali Heider from 786 Degrees, a renowned chef in the pizza world. Ali, known for his achievements on Hulu’s “Best in Dough” and appearances on the Food Network, shares his journey into the culinary world. Despite being a non-Italian, he fell in love with pizza, combining flavors from various cuisines to create unique and inspired pizzas like Tuscany, Mexican, and Mediterranean-inspired offerings.

The Culinary Journey:

Ali talks about the challenges and joys of running two restaurants and various enterprises, emphasizing the continuous struggle and the never-ending journey in the culinary world. He shares how he started by working at an Italian pizzeria, learning the art of pizza-making, and eventually building his own oven. Ali’s dedication to mastering his craft is evident as he practiced making pizzas and engaged with his neighborhood, offering them his creations.

Fusion of Flavors:

The chef discusses the inspiration behind his diverse pizza creations, attributing it to his mixed background and a love for experimenting with flavors. He shares his belief in bringing different ethnicities and their flavors together on a pizza canvas. Ali’s approach to pizza-making is not just about being the best but becoming people’s favorites, introducing them to new and unexpected flavor combinations.

Best-Selling Pizza and Seasonal Variations:

The interview touches upon Ali’s best-selling pizza, which varies seasonally based on the weather and customer preferences. He emphasizes the importance of being different in the culinary world and shares insights into handling media exposure. Ali advises aspiring chefs to focus on their strengths and embrace competition as a means of learning and improving. The conversation concludes with a teaser for the second part of the interview.

Words of Wisdom and Teaser:

Ali shares his perspective on practicing and being ready for media opportunities, highlighting the need for flexibility. He encourages individuals to work on their strengths rather than weaknesses. The chef also provides insights into competing and the valuable learning experiences it offers. The interview ends with a teaser for the second part, leaving the audience intrigued about what more Ali has to share in the next episode.

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