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The 36 Chambers of Good Pizza w/ Paul and Sean Cody of Pie Trap

From experimental backyard grilling to crafting a distinctive non-floppy pizza, dive into their unconventional path in the pizza business. Explore challenges, marketing adventures, and invaluable lessons learned, showcasing their dedication to creating exceptional and satisfying pizza experiences. Discover the passion behind Pie Trap's delicious offerings.

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Dynamic Duo of Pie: Sean and Paul, Owners of Pie Trap

Meet the charismatic brothers behind Pie Trap in Covina, CA. The hosts express an immediate connection with the duo, discussing topics ranging from modding barbecues, playing on the Detroit Lions, Kanye’s failures, to their intriguing pizza journey.

From Backyard BBQs to Brick-and-Mortar: The Pizza Evolution

Sean and Paul share their unconventional journey into the pizza business, with Sean’s self-taught pizza-making skills originating from a simple batch of New York pizza dough. The brothers narrate their transition from backyard barbecue pizza experiments to the establishment of Pie Trap, emphasizing the artistic and management aspects each brother brings to the table.

Crafting Non-Floppy Pizza: A Constant Creative Process

The podcast delves into the artistry behind Pie Trap’s pizzas, exploring their unique crust, temperature considerations, and the challenge of creating slices that are both enjoyable to hold and eat. Sean’s continuous experimentation and research drive the creative process, while Paul manages the operational side, resulting in a pizza that stands out in the crowded market.

Yelp Reviews and Marketing Adventures

Sean and Paul reflect on the importance of reviews and marketing in the pizza business. Despite facing challenges, including a one-star review, they highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction. The discussion touches upon their use of influencers, marketing budgets, and their strategic reliance on Instagram for promotion.

Lessons Learned and Future Ambitions: The Journey of Pie Trap

The podcast concludes with insights into the lessons learned, organizational improvements over time, and the brothers’ ambitions for the future. Sean and Paul express gratitude for their partners, discuss the evolution of their pizza-making process, and emphasize the joy derived from making customers happy.

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