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Knead for Metal w/ Damien Moore of Jackknife Brewing

Dive into Damien's journey as an entrepreneur, from starting his first business at the age of 12 to creating a heavy metal-inspired atmosphere at Jackknife Brewing. Gain insights into work-life balance, the unique tagline of Jackknife Brewing, and the vibrant pizza scene. Plus, discover the importance of supporting local businesses during vacations.

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Meet Damien Moore of Jackknife Brewing:

  • Meet our first Canadian guest! Entrepreneur and owner of Jackknife Brewing.
  • Damien’s entrepreneurial journey started at a young age, making studded belts and opening his first business at 12.

Discussion on Work-Life Balance:

  • The conversation delves into the challenges of taking a step back after working tirelessly for a long time.
  • They explore how starting a family and having kids can prompt individuals to reevaluate their priorities.

Jackknife Brewing’s Unique Tagline and Atmosphere:

  • Jackknife Brewing is known for its heavy metal-inspired atmosphere with a tagline that includes “slay of slice and murder a beer.”
  • The podcast highlights the impressive decor of the brewery, featuring heavy metal magazine cutouts in the bathrooms.

Damien’s Visit to Los Angeles:

  • Damien reached out to Hot Tongue Pizza during a family trip to Disneyland, emphasizing the importance of connecting with local businesses during vacations.
  • The conversation covers various topics, including Trailer Park Boys and the vibrant music scene.

Pizza Business Insights and Recommendations:

  • Damien shares insights into the pizza business, discussing the consistency of menu items and the challenges of sourcing ingredients in Canada.
  • The hosts touch on various pizza-related subjects, from Montreal Bagels to making bagels in the restaurant and exploring different flavors.

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