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Doughn’t Stop Believin’ w/ Janet Zapata of 550 Pizzeria

In this episode of Pie to Pie, I sit down with the incredible Janet Zapata, owner of 550 Pizzeria in Laredo, Texas. Janet shares her inspiring journey from cashier to pizzeria owner, and how mentorship, self-belief and sheer determination helped her overcome major setbacks to achieve her dreams. We dive into leveraging social media to put your pizzeria on the map, building a strong employee culture, and Janet's ambitious plans to grow 550 into an enterprise that uplifts her community. Janet's passion and authenticity shine through - this is an interview you won't want to miss!

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In This Episode

  • Janette Zapata shares her inspiring story of starting 550 Pizzeria in Laredo, TX after overcoming challenges as a former pizza shop co-owner

  • Discusses the importance of mentorship, self-belief, hard work and using social media to grow her brand beyond just her local community

  • Explains how she has built strong relationships with companies like Hobart and Bachio through passionate promotion of their products

  • Offers insights into fostering a positive workplace culture, managing employees, and balancing work and personal life as an entrepreneur

  • Shares future goals of expanding with a food truck, additional locations, and using the pizzeria to support people struggling with mental health

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