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Going Bi-Crustal w/ Vito DeCandia of Angel City Pizza

Vito shares his inspiring journey from East Coast roots to opening a community-focused pizzeria in the heart of LA. We dive deep into the challenges of running a small business in California, from navigating regulations to staffing and adapting to a changing workforce. Vito's passion for creating authentic, high-quality pizza and his commitment to his team and neighborhood shine throughout our conversation. Join us as we explore the beauty of imperfection in the pursuit of the perfect slice and bond over our shared love for the legendary band U2.

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  • Vito DeCandia shares his journey from growing up in Brooklyn and Long Beach, Long Island to opening Angel City Pizza in Venice, California, aiming to create a community-oriented pizzeria reminiscent of his father’s shop.

  • Vito and Alex discuss the challenges of doing business in Los Angeles, from high rents and strict regulations to the dilution of the term “New York style pizza.” Vito emphasizes using high-quality ingredients and techniques to create an authentic product.

  • They delve into the difficulties of staffing, fair wages, and adapting to California’s employee-focused laws as a small business owner. Vito shares his perspective on balancing costs while providing good working conditions.

  • Vito reflects on his upbringing in the restaurant industry, learning every aspect of the business from his father and uncle. He and Alex agree on the importance of a well-rounded skillset and leading by example as a boss.

  • The conversation touches on the beauty of pizza’s imperfections, the pursuit of growth without compromising quality, and their shared love for the band U2. Vito’s passion for his craft and community shines throughout the episode.

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