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Cultivating Family One Slice at a Time w/ Secret Vegan Pizza

Meet AJ, Ty, and Dom - the team behind Southern California's mobile vegan pizza shop Secret Vegan Pizza. Tune in as they dish about the equipment they use for popping up across SoCal, what gear they couldn't live without, and how they continue to raise the bar on vegan cuisine. This episode is stuffed crust to crust with insider tips for the aspiring vegan pizza entrepreneur.

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  • “PIE 2 PIE Ep. 2” showcases AJ, Ty, and Dom the creators of Secret Vegan Pizza, a renowned all-plant-based pizza pop-up extending from San Diego to West Hollywood.
  • The duo, hailed as The Avengers of vegan pizza, has garnered acclaim for their role in advancing vegan cuisine. AJ contributes significantly to plant-based cheese making, while Dom specializes in crafting exceptional pizza dough.
  • The interview unfolds at Boomtown Brewery, just before their service at Vegan Playground, a popular night market in LA.
  • AJ underscores the importance of simplicity and authenticity in generating compelling content for their business on social media in the year 2022.
  • The master plan for Secret Vegan Pizza involves the continuation of pop-ups, with potential aspirations for a future beachside slice shop.

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