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Make The Pizza You Want w/ Nick Camacho of Lucky Nick’s Pizza

In this first episode, host Alex Koons talks with Nick Camacho who went from slinging pies in his backyard to running the catering powerhouse Lucky Nick's Pizza. After crowdfunding and gathering a stellar team, Nick's leopard-spotted pies can now be found across the greater LA area, even feeding celebrities.

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Nick Camacho, the founder of Lucky Nick’s Pizza, started as a pizza pop-up in Pomona in 2020. The business has flourished across Los Angeles, collaborating with venues like Homage Brewery and catering for studios like Brain Dead Studios. Nick is recognized for possibly having the best marinara pie in Los Angeles.

Background and Inspiration: Nick draws inspiration from Anthony Mangieri, the first person to inspire him in the pizza industry. He appreciates Mangieri’s individuality, doing things his own way and not conforming to traditional pizza norms. Despite not having tried Mangieri’s pizza, Nick holds him as his most inspiring figure.

Pizza-Making Preferences: Nick reveals his least favorite thing to make is calzones due to the challenges in preparation and toppings placement. Expresses a dislike for Yelp, criticizing it as one of the worst business concepts, believing it often unfairly criticizes businesses.

Personal Insights and Favorites: Nick shares his favorite tattoo, highlighting a back piece that symbolizes personal achievement after significant weight loss. Discusses his best and worst pizza experiences, mentioning a fantastic slice from FNF Pizza in New York and his favorite slice from Apollonia’s in LA. Lists his three favorite pizza ingredients: Ezzo pepperoni, mushrooms, and sauce.

Future Plans and Personal History: Nick envisions Lucky Nick’s having a brick-and-mortar location in the next three years, emphasizing a focus on making good pizza. Reveals his childhood aspiration to be a comic artist and talks about his past involvement in bands, including The Motel Life and Naive Thieves. Offers advice for pizza makers to embrace mistakes and try new things for creative development.

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