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Find Your Style of Pizza & Perfect It w/ Kyle Lambert of Little Dynamite

With New Jersey roots and an obsession with mastering the art of square pies, Kyle shares insights into his pizza passion, the challenges of using sourdough, and the lessons learned from navigating partnerships. Discover the resilience and persistence that drive Little Dynamite success.

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Discovering Square Pies in LA:
Kyle Lambert, the force behind Little Dynamite Pizza, a New Jersey native, shares his pizza journey, starting with selling square pie sourdough pizzas in Los Angeles since 2019. Despite facing challenges, including fallouts with his partner and relocating, Kyle’s determination shines through.

Pizza Passion from Jersey Roots:
Growing up in New Jersey, Kyle’s disdain for flat pies led him to explore and perfect the art of square pizza. He gathered insights from various pizza shops, becoming a pizza lifer with experiences from Suburban New Jersey to Philly, Pittsburgh, and even a pizza truck in San Francisco.

Sourdough Adventures:
Kyle adopted sourdough for his pizza, finding it both a challenge and a unique selling point. He reflects on the pains and gains of using sourdough, sharing how the original starter he bought from a Whole Foods in West LA has stood the test of time.

Navigating Partnerships:
Reflecting on the partnership pitfalls in his first location, Kyle advises caution when entering partnerships. He emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s instincts and the freedom and happiness he found in operating independently.

Persistence Amid Challenges:
Facing setbacks and uncertainties, Kyle’s determination to succeed in the pizza business shines. He encourages a DIY mindset, clever funding approaches, and patience, emphasizing that anyone can find their unique style and perfect it.

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