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Steel, Grit & Love w/ Hunter Leslie of Detroit Pizza Depot

Sit down with the man behind Detroit Pizza Depot, to talk steel pans, square slices, and the power of "steel, grit and love." Join us as we dive deep into the world of Detroit-style pizza, from its humble beginnings in the Motor City to its growing popularity in Los Angeles and beyond. Hunter shares his inspiring journey and his commitment to making authentic Detroit-style pies, while we bond over our shared love for the welcoming and supportive pizza community in LA. You won't want to miss this slice of pizza history and brotherhood served fresh from the oven.

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  • Hunter Leslie of Detroit Pizza Depot discussed his journey from running a food truck in Michigan to opening a ghost kitchen in Los Angeles, with plans to expand to a brick-and-mortar location in Hollywood.

  • Hunter shared insights into what makes an authentic Detroit-style pizza, including baking from raw dough in steel pans, putting sauce on top of the cheese, and trying to stay true to the style’s roots.

  • The late Shawn Randazzo was credited for putting Detroit-style pizza on the map and providing a blueprint for others to follow through his educational videos and demonstrations.

  • Hunter emphasized the importance of having a positive culture in the workplace, encapsulated by the motto “steel, grit, and love” which represents the toughness, dedication, and passion needed to succeed in the pizza industry.

  • The welcoming and supportive nature of the Los Angeles pizza community was highlighted, with pizzeria owners and chefs across the city embracing and uplifting each other.

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