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Bake Your Own Luck w/ Chris Wallace of Ozzy’s Apizza

sit down with Chris Wallace, the passionate owner of Ozzy's Apizza, to discuss his wild journey from underground pop-up to viral pizza sensation. Chris opens up about how a glowing review from Dave Portnoy supercharged his business, forcing him to rapidly scale up his staff and operations practically overnight. He shares hard-won wisdom on handling sudden success while staying true to yourself and your product. Chris also gets vulnerable about his path to sobriety and how pouring his energy into his love for pizza has transformed his life. Tune in for a raw, real conversation about betting on your dreams, riding the waves of hype, and never being afraid to fail. Oh, and we fanboy hard over some of our favorite bands and their epic live shows.

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  • Chris Wallace, owner of Ozzy’s Apizza, went from making 80 pizzas a night at an underground bar to pushing close to 400 pies a night after moving to a large outdoor kitchen and getting an insanely positive review from Dave Portnoy.

  • Chris had to rapidly scale up his business, quadrupling his staff and buying another pizza oven, to handle the massive increase in demand after Portnoy’s review went viral. He discusses the challenges of this explosive growth.

  • Chris shares his story of getting sober and how focusing his energy on his passion for pizza has transformed his life and business. He emphasizes the importance of being genuine and not worrying about what others think.

  • Alex and Chris discuss Dave Portnoy as a polarizing but highly influential figure in the pizza world. Chris says there’s no cheat code to get Portnoy to review your pizza – the key is to focus on making great product.

  • Chris reveals he recently signed a lease to open a second Ozzy’s Apizza location in his hometown in Connecticut, a huge step in his rapid growth and success story.


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