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Dough It Yourself w/ Kyle + Jacob Nichols of Slice Godz

Today we sit down with brothers Kyle and Jacob Nichols in their pizzeria, Slice Godz pizza in Hesperia, CA. They share their inspiring journey from small-town upbringing to building a successful, one-of-a-kind pizza restaurant. Despite working with limited equipment, they've managed to craft exceptional NY-style pies through determination and hard work. Discover how their strong branding and unwavering commitment have set them apart in the local pizza scene. Join us for an honest, in-depth conversation about the challenges and triumphs of chasing your pizza dreams.

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  • Brothers Kyle and Jacob discuss growing up in Barstow, CA and how the limited opportunities there drove them to pursue their passions intensely, whether it was skateboarding, music, or making pizza.

  • The brothers detail the journey of starting Slice Godz, from experimenting with pizza recipes at home to launching a food truck to opening their current restaurant space in Hesperia.

  • They emphasize how a strong brand identity, cultivated largely through Jacob’s background in graphic design and social media, has been crucial to Slice Godz’s success and setting them apart in their local market.

  • Kyle shares the challenges and rewards of running the kitchen with limited equipment, hand-mixing all the dough and using tabletop ovens while still putting out high-quality NY-style pizza.

  • The conversation explores finding a balance between staying true to their edgy, artistic vision and creating a welcoming environment for families in the community.

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