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Reshaping the Pizza Shop Model w/ Sean Lango of Secret Pizza LA

Explore the world of Pre-Orders with Sean of Secret Pizza LA. From his humble beginnings in a home oven to winding up as the LA Time's Best Slice in the City. Discover insights into business challenges, lease negotiations, and the art of perfecting pizza quality.

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Introduction: The podcast introduces Sean from Secret Pizza LA, known for his unique 18-inch pizzas. Starting in 2020, he initially crafted pizzas in his home oven before moving to his own space in 2022. Pre-orders remain crucial to his business model.

Recognition and Achievements: Sean has received acclaim from eater and infatuation, with a positive review in the LA Times shortly after opening his brick-and-mortar shop. Despite being self-taught, his pizza-making skills and kind personality contribute to his recognition.

Pizza-Making Process and Philosophy: Sean’s love for pizza dates back to childhood, experimenting with store-bought dough. He adheres strictly to using high-gluten or bread flours, constantly tweaking batches to enhance quality.

Business Challenges and Negotiations: Discussing the challenges of negotiating the lease for his pizza shop, Sean emphasizes the importance of specific terms and legal guidance. Insights into the financial aspects of opening a pizza shop in Los Angeles underscore the need for strategic planning.

Operational Model and Success Metrics: Sean’s operational model centers around pre-orders, influenced by industry experiences and insights gained from a lease negotiation talk. Success, as Sean defines it, is marked by positive reviews, personal growth, and ongoing improvement in pizza quality, managing customer expectations post-media recognition.

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