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Grate Expectations: From Incognito to Catering Dynasty w/ Jason Winters of Speak Cheezy

Sit down with Jason Winters, the mastermind behind Speak Cheezy, as we explore the evolution of his pizza empire. From crafting pizzas out of a car to building a catering powerhouse, Jason shares candid insights into the pizza business. Discover the enduring charm of pizza, the thrilling Coachella origins, and the ingenious design that defines Speak Cheezy. Join us for a raw and authentic conversation with Jason, unraveling pizza-making techniques, catering escapades, and the profound connection between craftsmanship and success.

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Episode Highlights:

1. From Dream to Reality: Jason’s Pizza Journey

  • Jason Winters, owner of Speak Cheezy, shares his journey from dreaming about selling pizzas out of his car to establishing a catering dynasty.
  • Started with a pizza trailer in 2012, Jason’s venture expanded into multiple mobile operations and eventually a brick-and-mortar establishment.

2. Pizza and Generational Appeal

  • Jason discusses the timeless allure of pizza as a generational and lasting business.
  • Highlights the independence and ingenuity of owning a pizza business, emphasizing the longevity of pizzerias compared to traditional restaurants.

3. Catering Adventures: Coachella and Beyond

  • Insight into Jason’s bold move of launching his catering business with an impromptu meeting at Coachella, securing funding on the spot.
  • The turning point when catering events started gaining momentum, leading to high-profile gigs like catering for Octavia Spencer.

4. Innovation and Accessibility: The Vision Behind Speak Cheezy

  • Exploring Jason’s vision for accessibility, combining elements of music and craftsmanship, inspired by his family’s background in woodworking.
  • How the Speak Cheezy team designed their mobile pizza operations, making use of vans and innovative methods.

5. Pizza-Making Techniques and Recommendations

  • Jason delves into the technical aspects of pizza-making, from the importance of oven temperature to the choice of flour.
  • Insights into using specific flours, like Edison T200 triple sifted, for optimal pizza quality, and the significance of fermenting starters overnight.

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