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A New Haven State of Mind w/ Chris Wallace of Ozzy’s Apizza

Explore New Haven-style pizza excellence, learn Chris's pizza-making tips, and discover the secret behind Ozzy's signature thin crust and robust sauce. Gain valuable insights for pop-up success, highlighting passion and resilience. Tune in for a slice of pizza wisdom and the story of Ozzy's Apizza.

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Introduction: Meet Chris Wallace, the mind behind Ozzy’s Apizza. Renowned for his New Haven-style char crust pizza, the episode delves into his journey and unique pizza-making style.

Chris Wallace’s Pizza-Making Journey: Chris, originally from Connecticut, moved to LA and noticed a lack of quality pizza. Learning the art during the pandemic, he transitioned from making pizza at home to having a successful pop-up, gaining recognition and positive reviews.

Motivation and Lessons Learned: Chris is motivated by the joy his pizza brings to people. From a pizza-making failure, he shares a crucial lesson: always ensure your yeast is active. Emphasizing marketing, he stresses the importance of developing a distinct style in the competitive pizza business.

Chris’s Pizza-Making Style and Recommendations: Describing New Haven-style pizza as thin, with robust tomato sauce and a well-done crust, Chris recommends using bread flour for dough. A key tip is investing in a quality pizza peel for a seamless pizza-making experience at home.

Business and Pop-Up Tips: Chris advises starting pop-ups for fun and marketing rather than immediate profit. He shares insights into handling negative reviews and underscores the need for resilience in the pizza business. His advice for pop-up owners includes flexibility, perseverance, and a passion-driven approach.

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