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Friendship in Food w/ Janet Kang & Robin Kloess of Pizza Baby LA

From their three-week-old ghost kitchen venture to startup insights, discover the challenges and triumphs. Dive into the unique 'Hapa Pizza' concept, a fusion of Italian tradition with Asian roots. Uncover kitchen essentials and gain insights into the journey of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Join the conversation that blends friendship, cuisine expertise, and the love poured into every pizza. Order now on for a taste of this extraordinary culinary experience.

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Featuring a lively conversation with Janet and Robin from Pizza Baby LA. The hosts express their excitement about the genuine friendship and strong bond observed between the two business owners. The episode explores the recent opening of Pizza Baby LA’s ghost kitchen, highlighting the passion and dedication Janet and Robin bring to their food.

Pizza and Cuisine Expertise

Janet and Robin’s expertise in pizza and cuisine are emphasized, with praise for their exceptional crust and the wealth of culinary knowledge they share. The hosts express admiration for the quality and love invested in Pizza Baby LA’s offerings, predicting the duo’s success in the food industry. The conversation touches on the influence of the discussion on the host’s cooking practices, leading to the purchase of Nancy Silverton’s book and experimentation with bread making.

Ghost Kitchen Challenges

The hosts delve into the challenges faced by Pizza Baby LA during the initial three weeks of operating as a ghost kitchen. Janet and Robin discuss the importance of patience, both personally and in business, highlighting the difficulty of managing impatience in a fast-paced industry. The marketing struggles associated with being a “hidden gem” in the ghost kitchen landscape are also explored.

Startup Insights

The conversation provides insights into Pizza Baby LA’s startup journey, revealing that the ghost kitchen model allowed them to test their concept before potentially transitioning to a brick-and-mortar establishment. The discussion touches on the financial aspects, suggesting an estimated startup cost of $50,000 to $75,000 and the significance of prioritizing upfront marketing expenses.

Hapa Pizza Concept and Kitchen Essentials

Janet and Robin explain the unique concept of “Hapa Pizza,” blending traditional Italian pizzas with their strong Asian roots. The hosts also inquire about the essentials in Pizza Baby LA’s kitchen, revealing key ingredients and tools, and the importance of a positive and lighthearted atmosphere in the culinary workplace. The episode concludes with a shoutout to influential figures like Nancy Silverton and insights into Pizza Baby LA’s marketing strategies, encouraging listeners to explore their offerings on various platforms.

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