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Make The Food That Makes You Unique w/ Quarantine Pizza

From self-taught pizza-making skills to navigating the challenges of sourdough, this episode unveils the unique story of a couple crafting some of the best pizzas in LA. Discover their pop-up origins, collaborative efforts, and valuable tips for aspiring pizza entrepreneurs. Join the hosts in celebrating the essence of making food that defines your uniqueness in the world of pizza.

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The Duo Behind Quarantine Pizza

In the final episode of Season One of the PIE 2 PIE Podcast, hosts Brandon and Carolina, a married couple and the creators of Quarantine Pizza in Los Angeles, share their journey and insights. The hosts highlight the unique dynamic and collaborative spirit between the two, emphasizing how their partnership has thrived during the challenges of the pandemic.

Pivoting to Pizza During Quarantine

The hosts discuss their journey from the initial challenges of quarantine to pivoting into a new career centered around making some of the best pizza in LA. Brandon, with a culinary background, narrates his self-taught approach to pizza-making, drawing inspiration from working at Soto and being exposed to wood-fired pizza. The conversation touches on the transformation from a small idea to a thriving business and the satisfaction of witnessing their brand, Quarantine Pizza, grow.

Managing the Dynamics of Working Together

Brandon and Carolina shed light on the challenges and rewards of being a couple in both marriage and business. They discuss the learning curve of communication and balancing their roles as partners at home and co-owners of Quarantine Pizza. The hosts reflect on the necessity of clear communication and the occasional need to pause and distinguish between personal and professional interactions.

The Art of Sourdough Pizza

The hosts delve into their choice of ingredients, particularly their use of sourdough in pizza-making. Brandon shares insights into managing sourdough starters and navigating the variables of humidity and weather. The couple expresses their love for the depth of flavor and unique texture that sourdough brings to their pizzas, emphasizing its digestibility and distinctive taste.

Building a Successful Pop-Up

Brandon and Carolina reveal their approach to finding locations for their pop-ups, emphasizing the importance of persistence. They discuss the initial challenges of reaching out to businesses and the necessity of forecasting and preparation for each event. The hosts also touch on their choice of suppliers, highlighting the significance of using commercial ingredients that align with their pizza-making vision.

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