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Fire On All Cylinders w/ Nick Sanford of Toss & Fire Wood-Fired Pizza

Nick Sanford, founder of Toss & Fire Pizza, shares his entrepreneurial journey from starting a food truck in 2015 to operating multiple trucks and locations by 2020. Learn how pivoting during the pandemic, building a trusted team, and staying open to change fueled Toss & Fire's rapid growth in the competitive pizza industry.

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  • Nick Sanford started Toss & Fire Pizza as a food truck in Syracuse in 2015 with no prior experience running a wood-fired pizza business. He took a leap of faith, putting the whole truck on a credit card.

  • Toss & Fire experienced rapid growth, going from 1 trailer in 2015 to operating 3 food trucks and 2.5 brick-and-mortar locations by 2020. Nick attributes this to capitalizing on good opportunities that came his way.

  • During the pandemic, Toss & Fire pivoted to offering “driveway service” where the food trucks would go to neighborhoods and fulfill pre-orders. This allowed them to match the volume they usually got from big events and weddings.

  • As Toss & Fire scaled up, Nick realized the importance of having trusted managers and an operations director as a layer between him and every single daily issue. This allows Nick to focus on the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down.

  • Nick emphasizes the need to be open to change and not take criticism too personally as a business owner. Over the years, he’s learned to worry less, look at the whole picture, and know that most problems have solutions if you’re willing to adapt.

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