Pie Hard: The Best of 2023 w/ Alex Koons

Uncover hidden gems from insightful conversations, laugh out loud at the funniest moments, and gain valuable advice for pizza entrepreneurs. Explore notable episodes featuring unique pizza stories, including a hilarious outtake with Mark Schechter of Square Pie Guys. Dive into the top three most-listened episodes of the year, celebrating the diverse and flavorful world of pizza. Don't miss out on all the wonderful pizza talk.

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Best of 2023 PIE 2 PIE Pizza Podcast Recap with Your Host Alex Koons

Hidden Gems from the Year

  • Featured a special friendship with Janet and Robin of Pizza Baby LA, discussing self-doubt, leadership, and their journey in just 3 weeks of operation outside a ghost kitchen.
  • Highlighted an episode with Chadwick from Twoos, showcasing his warm personality and articulate explanations of dough formulas, processes, and the philosophy behind his pizza-making.

Funniest Moments of the Year

  • Shared a humorous clip about East Coast visitors in pizzerias, illustrating the predictable dialogue when they praise the pizza, leading to a comedic exchange.
  • Presented a memorable clip from Tony Baloney’s where an angry customer critiques a unique pizza, showcasing the challenges of customer interactions.

Best Advice for Pizza Entrepreneurs

  • Recommended revisiting “Building a Prime Dynasty with Zach” from Prime Pizza LA, emphasizing the importance of quality, values, and creating opportunities in the pizza business.
  • Highlighted insights from “A Slice of Life: 40 Years in Pizza with Jimmy McHugh,” stressing the balance between business success and maintaining a fulfilling family life.

Notable Episodes of the Year

  • Celebrated episodes with Shawn from Secret Pizza LA, showcasing his unique approach to pizza-making and his success in a brick-and-mortar setup.
  • Recognized Mark Shacker from Square Pie Guys for the longest episode, including a memorable outtake where he humorously shared an embarrassing personal story.

Top Three Most-Listened Episodes of 2023

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