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Bring Za Ruckus w/ Chris Laramie of Fat Lip Pizza

Meet Chris Laramie, owner of Fat Lip Pizza, and discover his transition from aspiring Michelin Chef to successful pizza business entrepreneur. In this PIE 2 PIE, we dive into the evolution of Fat Lip Pizza's unique style, the challenges of the pizza business.From adapting to different ovens to the importance of branding and marketing, this podcast provides valuable insights for pizza enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs. Discover the secrets behind the half-million-dollar build-out, the role of social media in the pizza industry, and the future plans for Fat Lip Pizza.

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Chris Laramie’s Pizza Journey:

  • Chris Laramie, owner of Fat Lip Pizza, shares his journey from aspiring Michelin Chef to venturing into the pizza business.
  • He found the pizza model more financially viable and adaptable, especially during economic uncertainties like the housing market crash.
  • Chris started by cooking off pies, offering slices, and built his business on a food truck, emphasizing adaptability.

Pizza Evolution:

  • The podcast discusses the evolution of their pizza-making process, involving changes in dough recipes, adapting to different ovens, and a preference for a thicker crust, resembling a cross between New York and Neapolitan styles.
  • The episode highlights the importance of crunching numbers for a successful pizzeria and the role of a reliable restaurant calculator.

Building Fat Lip Pizza in Corona:

  • Chris details the quick process of opening Fat Lip Pizza in Corona, including a half-million-dollar build-out handed to them.
  • The discussion includes insights into the pizza business, collaborations with local businesses, and the use of technology, such as iPads for orders.

Marketing and Branding:

  • The podcast touches on the significance of effective branding and marketing in the pizza business, emphasizing a strong social media presence.
  • Chris shares experiences with influencers and the impact of a food challenge video on their revenue.

Future Plans and Keeping It Simple:

  • Chris discusses future plans, including expanding the food truck’s operations and the importance of simplicity in menu offerings.
  • The conversation touches on the significance of recognizing individual strengths and hiring for the areas where one might lack expertise.

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