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Life’s a Slice w/ Thomas DeSantis of Fire and Wood Catering

In this insightful conversation, Thomas shares his journey of building a catering business from scratch, the evolution of pizza ingredients, challenges in the restaurant business, insights into owning a business, and effective marketing and growth strategies in the competitive mobile food industry.

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  • Building from Scratch: Thomas shares the story of building his catering company, Fire and Wood Catering, from the ground up, literally assembling the truck and oven himself.

  • Evolution of Pizza Ingredients: The conversation delves into the evolution of pizza ingredients, discussing how the availability of certain elements, like flour, impacts the type of pizza one can create. Thomas emphasizes using Juo bread flour for wood-fired pizza.

  • Challenges in Restaurant Business: The discussion touches upon the challenges faced by restaurants, particularly in the context of closures and the impact of hybrid work schedules on the industry.

  • Owning a Business and Growing Staff: Thomas reflects on the experience of owning a business, the struggles associated with it, and the importance of having a dedicated and loyal staff. He acknowledges the influence of his family and his journey in the pizza world.

  • Marketing and Growth Strategies: The conversation covers marketing strategies, focusing on building brand awareness in the mobile food industry, curating unique experiences for clients, and the importance of customer referrals in sustaining and growing the business.

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