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Through Thick & Thin w/ the Holt Family’s Sunday Pizza Company

The Holt Family runs a mobile wood-fired square pizza operation in Folsom, CA. They talk candidly about the joys and challenges of blending family, food and business. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to turn your passion into a career or just want to geek out over pizza, this episode gives an insightful look behind the scenes of a family-run pizza operation.

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  • The Holt family started making pizza together on Sundays as a way to spend quality time together. Their communal hobby has now grown into the popular Sunday Pizza Company popup based in Folsom, CA

  • The Holts discuss the journey of developing their signature Detroit-style “square” pizzas using high quality ingredients and artisanal techniques like cold fermentation.

  • John talks openly about his struggles with mental health and how that impacts business decisions like when to open a brick-and-mortar location.

  • We get an inside look at the Holt family dynamics, both the ups and downs of working together as a family to run a pizza company.

  • Alex and the Holts geek out discussing the technical details behind making top-notch artisanal pizza, from milling flour to taking pizza ovens on the road.

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