Pizza With A Bow Tie On w/ Caitlin & Daniel Cutler of Ronan LA

Ronan has emerged as an LA dining destination thanks to husband-wife owners and industry veterans Daniel and Caitlin Cutler. A sleek, modern-rustic aesthetic and its Neapolitan-style pizzas. Critics single out the dining room’s “urban-chic” ambiance and the couple’s warmth enhancing “the complexity of flavors” found in the scratch kitchen.A relationship forged in the fires of professional kitchens, we discuss the origins (and hidden meanings) of their logo, serving literally thousands of pizzas at Coachella music festival, their Ode to Philippe's, the challenges of running a restaurant as a married couple, and so much more.See the passion, teamwork, and perseverance required to carve out the life you want and find success in the insanity of the restaurant world.

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In This Episode

  • Background on Caitlin and Daniel’s experience working at other LA restaurants like Alimento before opening Ronan in 2018
  • Operating Ronan as a married couple and the challenges/rewards of running a business together
  • Ronan’s branding and logo design, and its secret meanings
  • How their pizza and the menu as a whole has evolved to focus more on signature pizzas,brunch, and their unique Ode to Philippe’s calzone
  • Stepping back from needing to be at the restaurant daily as owners once processes/staff were in place
  • Handling the financial ups and downs of the business and unpredictable sales
  • Getting through tough times during COVID shutdowns and economic uncertainty
  • Events catering including supplying 3,600 pizzas across two weekends for Coachella music festival
  • Key philosophy of caring about hospitality and customers having a quality experience

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