Passion On The Peel w/ Jean + Grace of Brigade Pizza Montreal

Meet Jean and Grace, the passionate owners of Brigade Pizza in Montreal. We dive deep into their fascinating journey from frozen yogurt to opening Canada's first Neapolitan pizza lineup concept. Things get heated as we debate the merits of Neapolitan certification and whether pineapple belongs on pizza. Jean shares wild stories, from dealing with the strict Montreal government to giving away a ton of free pizza at their grand opening. As a husband and wife duo, they open up about the challenges of running a business together.

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  • Jean and Grace, owners of Brigade Pizza in Montreal, discuss their journey from starting a frozen yogurt company inspired by Pinkberry to opening the first Neapolitan pizza lineup concept in Canada.

  • They dive into the debate around Neapolitan pizza certification, discussing whether it’s more of a marketing tool or a way to maintain authentic standards.

  • The conversation touches on popular pizza trends like Detroit-style, pineapple toppings, and the influence of social media on customer preferences.

  • Jean shares the story of Brigade’s successful free pizza promotion for their grand opening, which attracted huge crowds.

  • As a husband and wife team, Jean and Grace discuss the challenges and rewards of running a business together while raising three kids.

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