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The Purple Pizza Eater w/ Tommy Brockert of La Sorted’s Pizza

Dive into the incredible pizza journey with Tommy Brockert, the genius behind La Sorted’s Pizza in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA. Unravel the pizza-making tales, Burning Man escapades, and the distinct LA pizza vibe. From starting small to venturing into Chinatown, Tommy's story is a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. Join the hosts at the Silver Lake spot, La Sorted’s, for an intimate exploration into the world of pizza, resilience, and the tight-knit LA community. It's a unique slice of Los Angeles, served up by Tommy Brockert himself.

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This episode episode features Tommy Brockert of La Sorted’s in Silver Lake, soon to expand to Chinatown. The hosts share the excitement of the conversation, touching on Burning Man, Daft Punk, and P Diddy. The setting is La Sorted’s in Silver Lake, offering a unique glimpse into Tommy’s world.

Tommy’s Pizza Journey: Tommy shares how pizza-making unexpectedly became a passion. Starting with a gift of an uni (pizza oven) from his wife, he found solace and joy in the dough-making process. COVID-19 pushed him to turn this hobby into a business, starting with just 10 pizzas on what was supposed to be the Dodgers’ opening day.

Sourdough and Challenges: Tommy talks about the transition to making sourdough pizza and the challenges faced during the initial stages. From coping with limited resources to creatively overcoming obstacles, the story unfolds, showcasing the resilience and determination required in the pizza business.

La Style Pizza and Relationships: The conversation delves into what makes La style pizza unique, emphasizing the personal touch Tommy brings to his craft. The importance of relationships, patience, and treating customers as more than just clients is highlighted. The LA pizza scene is portrayed as a close-knit community with a strong sense of camaraderie.

Business Ventures and Challenges: Tommy discusses balancing his time between two locations and the challenges of managing a pizza business alongside a photo booth business. The importance of building long-term relationships and navigating challenges with patience and adaptability is a recurring theme.

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