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Hunger Gains: A New Era of Food Critics w/ Luca of The LA Countdown + LA Food Podcast

Let's discuss the evolving role of food the critic and food influencers from the viewpoint of the restaurant industry. Dive into topics like the impact of "best of" lists, Luca's storytelling approach to food content, Alex's journey with veganism, their favorite breakfast burritos, and Alex's pizza background. A must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of food, media, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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  • Alex and Luca discuss the influence of food critics and influencers in the restaurant industry, debating whether numerical ratings and “best of” lists are helpful or problematic. They note the power certain influencers like Dave Portnoy have to dramatically boost a restaurant’s popularity.

  • Luca shares his approach to food content creation, aiming to highlight underrated restaurants that often get left off mainstream lists. He tries to provide context and storytelling around the food rather than just reviews and ratings.

  • Alex talks about his personal journey with veganism and his decision to start eating meat again after 20 years. He reflects on the challenges of adhering to strict diets and grappling with the ethics around food choices.

  • The two discuss their favorite breakfast burritos in LA and Palm Springs. Alex is a big fan of the simple breakfast burrito at John’s in Palm Springs, while Luca recommends trying the one with sujuk sausage at Cafe Los Feliz.

  • Alex shares his background working at various pizza shops over the years as a musician, and how those experiences shaped his approach at his own restaurants Hot Tongue Pizza and Purgatory Pizza. He takes pride in his dough and bread-baking skills.

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