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Here Comes My Hero w/ Patrick Elston of Gus Franco’s Pizza

. Patrick shares his unconventional journey from pizza hobbyist to professional, and how he turned an old dentist's office into a cozy neighborhood pizzeria. We dive into his unique business model, connecting with customers on social media, and what it means to put yourself out there through competition. Patrick's heartfelt perspective on work, family, and measuring success will have you looking at pizza—and life—in a whole new way.

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  • Patrick started making pizza at home with his wife as a hobby, which eventually turned into a mobile pizza operation and then a brick-and-mortar pizzeria called Gus Franco’s, named after their sons.

  • Patrick converted an old dentist’s office into Gus Franco’s on a shoestring budget, doing much of the work himself with help from friends and family. He even turned the basement into a living room for his kids.

  • Gus Franco’s has an unconventional business model – they only make 12″ pizzas, don’t offer many customizations, and have customers schedule orders in advance to ensure consistent quality and reasonable wait times.

  • Patrick does a weekly “Daily Dough” Instagram live sharing updates and thoughts while he preps dough. It helps him connect with customers and grow his brand.

  • Patrick competed at the Pizza Expo and felt great about the pizza he submitted, regardless of outcome. Competing allows him to challenge himself and set an example for his kids about working hard and being okay with failure.

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