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Dope Pizza Worldwide w/ Marc Schechter of Square Pie Guys

Buckle up, pizza nerds – this episode is a deep dive with the one and only Marc Schechter of Square Pie Guys. From humble pop-up beginnings to dreams of being America's next great pizza chain, Marc takes us behind the scenes of his Square-style pizza empire. But it's not all rainbows and pepperoni – we get real about the challenges of rapid growth, the grind of marketing your brand, and finding lessons in the failures. Marc also pulls back the curtain on running the wildly popular @pizza Instagram account and drops some knowledge on how to optimize your instagram game.

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  • Marc shares his journey from popup to opening Square Pie Guys in 2019, now with 3 brick-and-mortar locations and 7 ghost kitchens. He discusses the challenges and learnings from growing quickly.

  • Marc talks about the importance of putting yourself out there in marketing your pizzeria, whether it’s reaching out to press, leveraging platforms like Yelp, or collaborating with influential figures. He emphasizes being proactive rather than just waiting for attention.

  • Marc gives insights into running the @pizza Instagram account with over 1M followers. He notes the need to cater content to a broad audience and reveals tips for pizzerias to get featured, like sending high-quality, on-brand video content.

  • When asked about a major failure, Marc opens up about tough moments like barely breaking even at his first popup. Alex also shares vulnerable stories of the struggles of being a pizzeria owner. They discuss embracing the process and finding lessons in the challenges.

  • In a rapid-fire ending, Marc shares his love for Audioslave and thoughts on music snobbery. He and Alex bond over their eclectic tastes from Taylor Swift to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, agreeing that you shouldn’t limit yourself by judging.

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