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The Social Prescription w/ Griffin Baker Pizza Maker

Griffin Baker, a rising star in the Los Angeles pizza scene, shares his journey from making pizza at home to working at two of the city's most popular pizzerias, Ozzy's Apizza and Secret Pizza LA. In this episode of the Pie 2 Pie Pizza Podcast, Griffin discusses the importance of having the right tools, building a strong Instagram presence, and surrounding yourself with experienced mentors in the industry. He also highlights how his involvement with the Gozney Collective has opened up exciting opportunities and showcases the potential for growth and success in the pizza industry through hard work and connections.

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  • Griffin Baker’s pizza journey: From making pizza on a baking steel in his home oven to working at two of the most popular pizzerias in Los Angeles – Aussie’s and Sean’s Secret Pizza LA.

  • The importance of having the right tools for making great pizza, such as the Ooni Koda ovens, which significantly improved Griffin’s pizza quality compared to using a baking steel in a home oven.

  • Griffin’s experience with building a following on Instagram by consistently posting engaging pizza content, and how he monetizes his Instagram presence through collaborations with brands.

  • The value of surrounding yourself with experienced people in the industry you want to be in, as Griffin has learned a great deal from working with established pizza makers like Shawn Shaliangod and Chris Wallace.

  • Griffin’s involvement with the GSNY Collective and how it has provided him with opportunities such as catering events for celebrities, showcasing the potential for growth and success in the pizza industry through hard work and connections.

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