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Marketing Your Pop-Up, Ghost Kitchen, or Brick-and-Mortar Pizza Concept

We sat down with Janet from Pizza Baby, Paul from Pie Trap, and Nick from Lucky Nick's for a roundtable discussion on marketing strategies for different pizza business models. We covered everything from the power of limited-time offerings and collaborations to the importance of eye-catching branding and community engagement. You'll come away with concrete ideas for reaching new customers and building a loyal following, no matter if you're operating out of a ghost kitchen, brick-and-mortar shop, or mobile unit. Stay tuned for more insights on tackling staffing challenges and our biggest goals for the coming months!

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  • The roundtable discussion featured Janet from Pizza Baby (ghost kitchen), Paul from Pie Trap (brick-and-mortar), Nick from Lucky Nick’s (pop-up trailer), and host Alex Koons discussing marketing strategies for different pizza business models.

  • Key marketing tactics discussed include limited quantity offerings, collaborations with local businesses, strong branding and logo design, active social media presence (especially Instagram), and building an email list for promotions.

  • The importance of maintaining food quality and connecting with the local community was emphasized, as customers are often willing to pay more for a superior product even if cheaper chain options are available.

  • Staffing challenges and the need for clear communication and employee appreciation were identified as common pain points for small pizza businesses.

  • Looking ahead, the participants shared goals of signing a lease for a permanent location, expanding catering operations, opening a second location with a bar, and achieving consistent sales.

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