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Another Banger Hit w/ Daniel Holzman of Danny Boy’s Famous Original Pizza

Indulge in a savory episode of the PIE 2 PIE Pizza Podcast as Alex Koons sits down with Daniel Holzman of Danny Boy's Famous Pizza in downtown Los Angeles. From Daniel's journey through fine dining to the irresistible allure of New York-style pizza, this episode is a flavorful exploration of passion, authenticity, and the art of crafting the perfect slice. Join the conversation as Daniel shares the secrets behind his renowned pizzeria, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes kitchen tour, and discusses the philosophy that drives his culinary pursuits. Whether you're a pizza enthusiast or a connoisseur of great storytelling, this episode promises a delectable blend of pizza wisdom and genuine insights into the world of Daniel Holzman.

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Episode Highlights:

From Fine Dining to Pizza Passion: Daniel’s Journey

  • Explore Daniel Holzman’s transition from working in fancy French restaurants to becoming a pizza aficionado.
  • Delve into the moment when a hungover craving for pizza sparked the idea of opening Danny Boy’s Famous Pizza in LA.

Crafting Authentic New York Pizza in LA

  • Uncover the challenges and joys of recreating New York-style pizza in Los Angeles.
  • Daniel shares insights into the pizza-making process, discussing fermentation, bubbles, coloring, and the importance of authenticity.

Behind the Scenes: A Tour of Danny Boy’s Kitchen

  • Join Alex Koons on an exclusive tour of Daniel’s pizzeria, exploring the kitchen, meeting the team, and witnessing the operation in action.
  • Discover the secrets behind the delicious pizza that combines quality ingredients and a commitment to excellence.

Pizza, Passion, and Purpose: Daniel’s Philosophy

  • Daniel discusses the motivation behind opening a pizza shop, emphasizing the responsibility pizzerias have to their communities.
  • Explore the balance between charging a fair price, maintaining quality, and creating a positive impact on the local pizza culture.

From Pizza to Writing: Daniel’s Diverse Pursuits

  • Learn about Daniel’s experiences as an author and his perspective on the challenges of writing, drawing parallels to the culinary world.
  • Gain insights into his approach to authenticity, hospitality, and the importance of genuine connections in the restaurant industry.

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